Oils, Leggings, Make-up, Pink Drinks, and More

We all have one (or a few) of “those friends”. You know the one I am talking about. She is always filling up your social media feed with some sort of life changing announcement about a product she is is selling. Often our knee jerk reaction is to roll our eyes and keep scrolling or even delete or unfollow them.

When I was a new mom social media was just starting. I believe I joined Facebook when my oldest was still an infant. Before social media there were the “parties”. Oh how I dreaded getting an invite to those parties. I always felt guilted into going and then felt awful when I didn’t buy anything. Times have changed and now lots of these parties happen online.

Direct sales have kind of a bad rap among anyone who does not sell them. There are quite a few blog posts floating around the internet ripping into mom’s that do this type of business. When I lived back east it was even worse. A few months before I moved I did some direct sales and I experienced this firsthand. However since I have moved West the culture is different. As a result of this culture I have bought quite a few things from these mom’s and  I have had  sort of an epiphany that has completely changed my thoughts on direct sales.

Reasons Why I Don’t Hate Direct Sales

  1. It helps mom’s support their families – Have you ever stopped and really thought about this? I have a friend whose husband is about to quit his job of hard labor and help her with the business side of things including being home with the kids more. Why is he able to do that? Because she works in direct sales. Another friend of mine started direct sales while living in a friend’s basement. Now? She drives a Mercedes and she and her husband are homeschooling their children, together. Is it easy? No. However when I buy something from someone in direct sales the money goes directly to their family, not some big corporation.
  2. It gives mom’s an opportunity to learn, grow, get out of the house – sometimes being a mom is exhausting and lonely. These direct sales companies are not only providing an outlet for mom’s to connect but most of them also provide amazing business training. Women are learning so much about business, finances, sales, and so much more. Talk about empowerment!
  3. The products can be pretty amazing – I have found some products to be something I can’t live without. Lularoe legging are seriously the most comfortable things I have ever worn. Arbonne shampoo does something magical to my hair I can’t explain or replicate with any other brand I try. Doterra Digestzen makes living with digestive issues more bearable. Usbourne books are some of the most incredible books I have ever put my hands on. Pampered Chef stoneware is the only stoneware I bake in. Yes I can get leggings for a few bucks less at Target but they are no where near the same. No matter how many brands of less expensive shampoo I try, nothing compares to what the Arbonne shampoo does to my hair. Bottom line – some products are worth it.
  4. My money is going to something amazing – when I buy shampoo or leggings or oils from a friend instead of from a big box store I am not just giving money to a big corporation but perhaps to put towards their child’s swim lessons or their family vacation. If you want to take it to the next level when you buy from a local friend you are even putting money into the local economy. I have also had friends that use a direct sales company to raise money for mission trips or a friend in need. Just last week I attended an online party for Lularoe where a friend of mine donated all her hostess rewards to a friend that had lost lots of weight recently and needed new clothes. Lots of these companies also stand for fair labor for their overseas employees, natural living, or chemical free products.

Now of course, not every brand is for everyone. I have one brand in particular I really don’t care for, but that isn’t any different than preferring a different grocery store than your neighbor.

Worth a Second Glance

So the next time you see an invite from one of “those” friends maybe give it a try. Or make your friends day by offering to host an online party for them. It feels good to support a fellow mom, especially when you may find an awesome product you can’t live without. With the holidays approaching perhaps we could consider buying a few gifts from our friends? The past few weeks I have been toying the idea of possibly doing a little bit of sales myself (no promises though). It’s funny how perspective changes everything.

Fun Facts

I asked a few of my direct sales friends to share one thing they love about the company they work for. Enjoy learning something new. I can personally vouch for each of the awesome ladies quoted below, so feel free to click on their names and check out what they do!


You actually make a sustainable full time income with Arbonne! And our products cannot be matched! Amazing people & amazing products that truly give you time freedom and financial freedom! -Christal Foreman 


There is truly so much I love about doTERRA! But to keep it simple..they truly care about wanting to change people’s lives, either through health, financially, improving the lives of those who harvest and supply the oils, their healing hands foundation and so much more! They want to ensure that the oils they provide are pure, safe and sustainable in the market no matter the growth. They have been working with the NAHA to improve and educate safe usage of the oils! Plus the discounts and loyalty rewards program is fantastic…. And shipping is now reduced to $3.99!! DoTERRA is also 100% debt free, and has over a 65% retention rate! –Elizabeth Roberts


I like that Evolv helps change people’s health with a focus on gut health. I also like that we are ending global childhood malnutrition because every time you use a product, you are feeding a kid, and just one individual feeds 140 kids a month. –Bethany Wheeler


Over the past year, Lularoe has seen growth that is rarely seen in any industry. Still, every production worker overseas is paid equitably and are paid hourly rather than by piece so they can have a relaxed and enjoyable pace. This makes for less defects…a rate that is HALF that of the industry standard. – Laura Gaither

LuLaRoe not only helps me provide for my family financially, but I get so much more out of it than that. I get to help women find clothes they feel good in and that puts a big smile on my face. Many times I’ve met new moms who are in the post-partum stage and can’t find flattering, yet comfortable clothing, and they try on LuLaRoe and just LOVE how beautiful they look and feel in the clothes! It really is a company all about empowering women. – Carly Curry

Mary Kay

Mary Kay empowers women and is the #1 selling cosmetic and skin care company having and in 2013 and 2014 had an increase each year over 1/2 billion wholesale, still privately owned and 100% debt free meaning job security. Plus there is the environmental side, 8 facilities in the US and they are zero landfill status, no animal testing for over 25 years and the MK foundation has 97% of donations go to ending domestic violence and curing cancers effecting women. -Autumn Nauahi

Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef is helping you enjoy the moments most important to you and yours by inspiring satisfying, stress-free meals, fit for the way you live. It evokes the joy of being together with those we love. Of bringing mealtime back home, without breaking a sweat. I love being able to show people quick easy meals to enjoy together! –Kelly Harr


Plexus is a debt fee company that has been listed in Inc 5000 top private companies for the last 2 years. We have less than 500,000 ambassadors which means we are still considered a start up. They give generously to their ambassadors and to outside charities. –Tiffany Langford

Rodan + Fields®

Rodan + Fields is about helping people create opportunities to change lives. The Prescription for Change (PFC) Foundation is at the very core of this mission. Since 2008, the company has been giving back through the foundation with the goal that everyone can empower change for themselves and in their community. The PFC Foundation helps students in need on their journey to becoming a prescription for change in their communities. In 2014, we partnered with buildOn to support its work of breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education. To date, we have granted nearly $2 million in charitable gifts, sponsored more than 200,767 buildOn student program days and funded a new buildOn high school program in a distressed community. – Jaala Kirkley

Usbourne Books and More

USBORNE Books and More offer educational excellence and foster a love for reading in children of all ages. -Nicole Echols


With Vollara (Green Tech of Boise) Using NASA technology for green home solutions, our in-house team and our esteemed Medical & Scientific Advisory Board guides, tests and researches every component of every technology to ensure we are delivering solid, best-in-class products that fill real needs for green healthy homes! -Krissy Fulton


I love that the company created a foundation that supports emotional healing for women who were sexually abused. They offer a retreat for these women for free. Here is more information. http://youniquefoundation.org/ – Anna Herring

How about you? Do you have a direct sales product you can’t live without? Tell me about it in the comments!

View into First Year Essentials – Weeks 4-5

I am still here! I am behind on these, I apologize. Weeks four and five were crazy busy for us and I got tiny pieces of schooling when I could. However, I plan to pick back up with a full post for week 6 at the end of this week! Here are some bullet point notes I made for the first few days of week 4. I included them in case it was helpful.

We did take an amazing trip to an old mining town called Silver City when my in laws visited. The original school was still there and it was amazing! The big boys and I hiked up a mountain and did lots of exploring. It was an awesome few weeks that I was so thankful we homeschool.

At the top of a mountain


Inside the old schoolhouse

Day 2

Copy Chart A

Editing Exercise page 83 in EEL Guide

Diagram Sentence 1 using the Analytical Task Sheet through task 5

Review old vocabulary and quickly introduce new vocabulary

Finish Story Sequence Chart for The Sword in the Stone from class yesterday

Day 3

Vocabulary review

Diagram sentence 3

Editing exercise

I’ll be back to regular weekly blogging this week!

How was your week? Please share in the comments!

My First Tour Essentials Vision

Week 1 Review

Week 2 Review

Week 3 Review

Must have markers for chart copying

View into First Tour Essentials – Week 3

I made quite a few changes this week and I feel like we are starting to get into the swing of things. I was excited to add diagramming into the mix this week and I look forward to expanding on this skill over the year. Before I jump into our day by day activities for the week I wanted to share two things about this week.

Student Essentials Notebook

In a previous post I shared how I organized all my Essentials materials for the year. For the most part it has worked excellent for us this year. However, we were quickly accumulating a whole lot of papers from IEW. So I made an adjustment to the notebook he uses in class. Here is a quick video I put together this morning to show you what I did:

Fun Extras

This week I made some supplementary purchases I am really excited about. First I ordered

My second purchase was more foundations related, but my lego obsessed Essentials son is loving it. This book has tons of history sentences from this cycle. Not only does it give the kids lots of great building inspiration but it also provides historical stories to go along with each set. I am loving this book! Amazon offers several purchasing options, you can see them if you click on the image of the book.

While writing his narrative this week, my son told me he really wanted to make his story into a book. I had flashbacks to all the books I made when I was in grade school and really wanted to be able to do this for him. I also ordered a set of blank books for us to use this year for him to write and illustrate some of his writings this year.

It should arrive early this coming week and I plan to use these books to record his polished drafts and allow him to illustrate them if he chooses. 

Our Week 3

Day 1 – Community Day

We had another great day in class. It is great to see us get a rhythm down for my son to start to retain just a little bit of information from past weeks. He really liked the diagramming and I am noticing that he is starting to understand basic concepts like subject and verbs. The last 45 minutes of class still remain the most difficult. I feel like he zones out. That last bit of class is spent on IEW, so I find that I end up reviewing a lot of that with him during the week. Our tutor played a really fun vocabulary review game this week, which really motivated him to practice his vocabulary words during the week.

Day 2 – More Chicken Lice

For this of you unfamiliar with chickens, they need to be treated every seven days until all the eggs are gone. So today I had a friend come over and help me treat them. The kids played and had a wonderful time, but did not really want to obey when it came to schoolwork or chores in the afternoon. As a result, our schooling time was spent on character and discipline. My son was told he was going to have to work harder the rest of the week since he chose to not work today.

Day 3 – Our First Narrative Story

We started out our time introducing the new vocabulary words for the week and then we dived into the EEL guide. I chose to start with sentence 3 today. We used the analytical task sheet in a page protector with my favorite dry erase markers for essentials. I had him write and complete steps 1-4 and then I planned to write step 5. However, he asked to write it. We did not do step 6, nor do I plan to anytime soon. I know it would overwhelm him.

When we pulled out IEW he groaned. We read the source text on Augustine for this week and I could tell he was not feeling it. At all. So I decided to use a simpler source text from the Blackline Master printable book that came with my IEW. Thankfully I made a mistake this summer and printed it and had it bound (I meant to have the SRN done). I was so glad I had it. We read “The Kings Feast” and made an outline for it.

Day 4 – Double Time

Today we started out going over our vocabulary words again and then we diagrammed the sentence from class “Jesus wept” together. Then we dove right into writing out our story from our outline. My son really enjoyed this. He is incredibly logical and practical. I tried to get him to make the story funny, and he absolutely would not entertain that idea. He dictated the story to me and I wrote everything down. I was really glad that I chose to use a different source text for this activity. The Augustine source text would have been much less fun for him this week. We ended here for the morning after going over our vocabulary again.

In the evening, due to his behavior earlier in the week instead of his free time in his room before bed we sat down again. First we used the practice page on page 52 in his IEW book to practice with strong verbs. He struggles with vocabulary so he needed a lot of help from me here. We then went through his paper and added -ly adverbs, strong verbs, and vocabulary to the writing. He really loves adding the vocabulary words but still needs lots of help thinking of creative verbs and adverbs as well as understanding what the list of words mean in his SRN. After he had added all our dress ups I sent him to bed and rewrote the paper for him for us to continue to work with tomorrow.

Day 5 – The Final Draft

Today we sat down and read he “Mohammed” source text on page 54 and used the brainstorming page afterwards to review all the elements of style. Then we took the draft I had written last night and we marked all the different dress ups and added a few things to finalize the paper. I then gave him the responsibility of writing the final draft of his paper before class on Monday. I did tell him we would be turning this paper into his tutor this week. I felt like he was getting a little too casual with his work this week and some accountability this week would be helpful. His draft is sitting on his bed now open and he will work on it several times over the weekend I am sure.

I can’t wait for our blank books to get here this week to surprise him with a way to publish his story!

Final Musings

I spent some time this week on CC connected downloading songs for all the english grammar from Foudnations and making a playlist. This week we have been playing the Pronoun songs all week long. In the car, at home, while we eat. My husband is even memorizing them. Ha! Ha! This has been such a help. If you have a child in foundations I can express enough how important it is to memorize the memory work with them! If your child is struggling with some of the definitions go grab some songs off CC connected. Nogreaterjoy is always the username I check first. Having the Foundations English memory work down makes memorizing the charts so much easier!

How was your week? Please share in the comments!

My First Tour Essentials Vision

Week 1 Review

Week 2 Review

Must have markers for chart copying