Westward Move Day 2-3: Omaha, Nebraska

by Emily on September 1, 2014

Disclaimer: my westward posts are all written via iPhone while on the road. Please excuse any spelling, grammar, style, or formatting errors :)

We spent most of today in Omaha, Nebraska which was a surprisingly (to me) beautiful city. We arrived super late last night thanks to a scary thunderstorm in Kansas and Nebraska but we woke up this morning to beautiful weather. Our hotel was right next to a beautiful park with bison and geese sculptures which the kids loved:


We then headed over to the Omaha zoo and aquarium, which was incredible. I highly recommend this zoo to any travelers. The zoo does a really amazing job of including visitors in the exhibit. We got to walk through deserts, caves, and swamps. Very cool. The kids especially liked the penguins feeding time.


Tonight we are driving through South Dakota to Rapid City, which I have been looking forward to so much. I spent several months living in Rapid and working with Native American children coming off the reservation. This is also where I really fell in love with the west for the first time. I am so looking forward to taking my family to all the areas I loved. On the way in tonight I am hoping we make it to Wall Drug before they close so the bus can pick out a fun prize. On the agenda for tomorrow is Mount Rushmore and the Dinosaur Park. Then we plan to take the beautiful drive through the Badlands and stop in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We still have about 3.5 hours left of driving tonight before we reach Rapid.

Nick and I have the transfer from car to hotel down to a science from the past few days, it is really funny to watch I bet. But we are all looking forward to settling into our new home.


Westward Move: Day 1-2 St. Louis

by Emily on August 31, 2014

Disclaimer: all my westward move posts are posted via my iPhone while on the road with varying levels of coverage. Please don’t use any of these posts to judge my spelling, grammar, formatting, and/or style. :)

What an adventure we are on! This is something Nick and I have said many times over the past month. Moving across the country with three kids, two dogs, and a cat is not the most relaxing thing one can do. However, this is a dream come true for us so we have tried to repeat that phrase over and over again as we have hit some want to punch someone it is so stressfuladventurous situations along the way.

The Drive to St. Louis
We left early Saturday morning and headed out. I had prepared a fun bag for each of the kids to have in the car. I let them choose two things to open on the way. I bought 3 awesome series for the kids to watch on the trip: Where in the World is Carmen Santiago, The Magic School Bus, and Liberty Kids (which was accidentally packed and sent ahead of us). My poor kitty cried the first 3 hours and my little dog refused to go to the bathroom on a leash, but other than that we arrived just in time for dinner.

St. Louis Fun
After checking into our hotel we headed downtown for dinner at a Root Beer Brewery called Fitz’s. The kids loved the fresh root beer and I was super impressed with the quality of the food and their gluten free menu for my oldest son.


The next morning we woke up and headed to the arch and to check out the Mississippi River. The park surrounding the arch was beautiful and gave the kids a much needed place to run. We didn’t have time to ride to the top of the arch. br />

The Expansion Museum under the arch was amazing an FREE. The kids each got a Junior Ranger activity book to complete for a medal. The kids loved the challenge and they leaned so much. We talked a lot about all the families that did wha we are doing hundreds of years ago in a wagon. The exhibits were amazing for all ages. This is for sure a must do for St. Louis visits.


On the way to the car we stopped at the Mississippi to take a few pictures of the dirty water. The boys did love all the barges and also throwing sticks into the water.


Up next we headed to The City Museum, which is an incredible museum/art exhibit/playground. The kids loved it. Not exactly the best place for moms who are afraid of heights and get nervous in places where it is impossible to see all their children at all times. With three young children and only two adults it was challenging to keep track of all three of them at once. The imagination and talent that was out into the museum are incredible and my boys just loved climbing and running and playing.



After the museum we were all sweaty, tired messes so we went back to the hotel for showers, packed up, and headed back on the road. Up next we will head through Independence, MO to Omaha. I believe we are going to check out the Omaha Zoo in the morning before heading out.

Currently all three boys are totally passed out from a busy morning.



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