Product Spotlight and Giveaway: Bummis Cloth Diapers


After cloth diapering for over seven years straight I have for sure come to know the best of the best when it comes to cloth diapers. Bummis is towards the top of that list. After being one of the very first companies to start the modern cloth diaper movement their quality, customer service, and product offerings are hard to be surpassed. I have one of their amazing diapers to give away to one of my lucky readers.

2 Reasons Why I love Bummis

Bummis just celebrated their 25th anniversary this past year and was started by Canadian moms sewing diaper covers after her littles were in bed at night. Over the past 25 years they have obviously grown substantially and are considered to be a leader in the cloth diaper industry. Here are just a few of many reasons they are so amazing:

  1. They are local.  They have a manufacturing center in Montreal where all of their diapers are also produced with fabrics and components that also come from either Canada or the USA. They employ local people in their factory, two stores, and warehouses supplying local jobs and paying a fair wage. Not to mention the support they are giving American and Canadian textile producers.

    Bummis Photo credit

    Bummis Photo credit

  2. Their Support and Education is Top Notch. The amount of Youtube videos, tutorials, and even cloth diaper science they provide are all amazing. They take to guesswork out of cloth diapering.

5 Reasons Why I Love Bummis Diapers

Bummis Photo Credit

Bummis Photo Credit

  1. They are AffordableAnyone who has ever spoken to me about cloth diapers knows how strongly I feel about not purchasing diapers made overseas. The biggest push back I get from that is that diapers made here are so expensive. Bummis makes cloth diapering with diapers from a local company completely affordable. A new mom can cloth diaper their baby with some seriously amazing Bummis diapers from birth to potty training for just a couple hundred dollars. I love that.
  2. They are Reliable. Having been around for over 25 years, they have perfected their design and they aren’t going anywhere. They are a staple in every veteran mom’s stash.
  3. Their Covers are Gentle. Bummis covers are the only waterproof covers I use on my newborns for several reasons. First of all their elastic is all encased in soft fabric keeping it off of my baby’s skin and the waterproof layer can be wiped clean.  Second, their velcro is small, quiet, and still does the job. I have tried other covers and the velcro is always such a huge problem for me. It either is too rough and close to baby’s skin or is so loud when I undo the diaper it startles the baby.
  4. They are Innovative.  I love following their Facebook page because they are always coming up with new products and American or Canadian produced prints. Today’s giveaway is their newest product: The Duo-Brite AI2. I love that they have been around for so long and are still coming out with new and exciting products. They also have an amzing line of the cutest swim wear for infants and toddlers including reusable swim diapers.
  5. They are So Cute. I just had to throw this one in there, because I absolutely love the prints Bummis have. It is rare for me to love almost every single print that a company comes out with, but there prints are always my favorites.

    The prints on the Super Whisper Wrap Line

    The prints of the Super Whisper Wrap Line

The Giveaway

I will be giving away a new Size 1 Duo Brite Wrap in Green with a size 1 Duo Brite Insert. Another great video by Bummis shows all the features of this great product:

The Duo-Brite AI2 is super trim and absorbent as well as durable. It is a great option to fit nicely under clothes and is cost effective with only the inert needed to be changed and the wrap being reusable. It functions similar to a pocket or AIO diaper without the need to stuff or the bulk.


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*Disclaimer: I have not been paid for this review. Bummis has supplied the diaper for me to giveaway to my readers, but this opinion is fully my own.

Dear New Mom, You are Enough, You have Everything You Need

I got one of those calls again this week. This time from an expectant mother. As her voice began to break she shared how she was feeling overwhelmed, underprepared, and stressed. How is she going to do it all? How is she going to know what to do or how to organize her time? Or how to breastfeed? Or how to use the right cloth diaper?


You are enough, you have everything you need to be a wonderful mother. Do I need to say it again?

You are enough, you have everything you need. You are enough, you have everything you need.


You don’t need to read a million parenting books or watch every documentary ever created on parenting or birth or breastfeeding. You don’t need every item on your baby registry or that new thing all the parenting experts are raving about. You don’t need to read every blog on the world wide web trying to decipher whose opinion is the right opinion.


All your baby needs is you. Your voice, you smile, your songs, your scent, your snuggles, your love. Just you. You are enough.

Out of all the women in the world, you were chosen to be mother of your child. No one is better equipped or more prepared to raise your child than you are.


There will be difficult times and sleepless nights and illnesses. There will be heartbreaks and uncertainties and unknowns. In the middle of all that I pray that you will hear the still small voice whispering to you that you have everything you need to be this child’s mommy. You were chosen just for them.


So breathe new mama and trust your God given instincts that will come when your baby is born. Enjoy every second of those first few months because they will be gone in an instant. Breathe your little one in and believe that you are enough and you have everything your new baby needs. Your baby just needs you.



Last week I was teaching a class on healthy eating during the holidays. Teaching classes is one of my favorite parts of my job. I love meeting new moms and encouraging them on their journey to a healthy family. At the end of every class I always leave at least 20 minutes for Q and A. This past week I got a question I had never had before. A mom raised her hand and said: “How do you do it?” At first I was a little confused, I thought she was asking about a specific recipe or shopping tips. I asked her to clarify and she said something along the lines of, “No, I mean how do you do all this cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, blogging, teaching?” I was taken aback. I had never been asked that question before in such a way. Then a few months ago I was having a difficult day and I was talking to one of my best friends about a picture I saw of another mom on instagram with her family and mentioned how her pictures make me feel like such a crappy mom. My friend, who I treasure so much because we can be so honest with each other, told me just that week a mutual friend of ours said the same thing about me. Over the past week I have been called “Supermom” on several occasions both publicly and privately and sometimes it bothers me a little bit, only because I don’t really feel like Supermom all the time. I don’t think any of us do and social media makes it so easy to see the “Highlight Reel” (another great analogy from my honest friend) of everyone else’s life. We don’t instagram the vomit we clean up at 2 AM or the video of us losing control and raising our voices to our children. We don’t put “I just had a fight with my husband and hung up on him” as our Facebook status. We don’t take pictures of our bloated stomachs the day before we start our periods. We share the moments we want others to see. Over the past week as all this has rambled through my brain I have had a revelation:

We Are All Supermoms

Enduring not 9, but 10 months of growing a human inside you makes you a Supermom.

All the morning sickness, all the complications, all the weight gain (or loss), all the lost sleep, all the sacrifice.

Pushing through the delivery of your child at home, at the hospital, in a birthing tub, in an operating room, in a car; it doesn’t matter, you went through pain to bring another human into this world .


My older two while pregnant with my youngest, taken by another Supermom

Choosing to support another woman’s gut wrenching decision to give her baby up to you or to take on a child that has lost a mother despite the risks and the emotional turmoil.

All those full nights of sleep you willingly (and often not so willingly) gave up to feed, rock, sing, comfort, nurse, and beg your little one to sleep.

All those hours researching, deciding, and agonizing over what/when/where/how to feed your child makes you a Supermom. What you chose matters not, because you chose what you felt at the time was best for you and your little one.


Jen is Supermom to two children

All those bite marks from new baby teeth on your furniture, your clothes, your jewelry, your fingers, and even some unmentionable parts.

All those hours (and dollars) trying the newest item on the market to make your life a little bit easier: a new book, a new baby wearing contraption, a new kind of diaper, a teething necklace.

All those days spent spent blogging, organizing and tagging clothes for consignment, starting a new business, or taking on a part time job just to bring in a few extra dollars.


Christie is Supermom to three children

All the items of clothing that have been pooped on, puked on, peed on, or otherwise ruined by bodily fluids.

Every time you tried to figure out how to build or make something you have never done before just because your child asked you too.


Sherry is Supermom to two children and many more that she fosters.

All the hours spent washing, stain fighting, folding, and putting away laundry just to do it all over again a few day later.

Every single time your toddler threw a tantrum in public and you wanted to send him back to where he came from, but you didn’t .

Every boo boo you have cleaned up, kissed, and made better.

Every middle of the night (or day, or holiday, or early morning) emergency room or urgent care trip you have taken.


Laci is Supermom to two children.

Every poopy diaper you have changed (or cleaned off yourself).

For the time you caught your child eating something they shouldn’t and you felt about 50 grey hairs sprout because you were so afraid they would be harmed.

Every Christmas Eve you spent up until the wee hours of the morning to make sure your child had the best Christmas ever.


Ashley is Supermom to two children

Every time you held back the vomit (or perhaps didn’t) while you cleaned up your own child’s vomit.

Every burned dinner, fantastic dinner, or even the nights that you barely got PBJ or Mac and Cheese on the table.

Every time you disciplined your child and then cried afterwards.

All the movies and television shows you watched over and over and over and over again.


Jenny is Supermom to three children

Every time you paid the babysitter more than you spent on a date night with their dad.

Every time you left them crying with a sitter so you could go to work and pay your bills.


My youngest and his “grumpy face”

Every time you cleaned up messes they created.

Every time you let them have dessert before dinner.

Each vacation you planned, went on, and paid for that was not really a vacation for you.

Every school play, sporting event, or concert you attended.

Anna is mom to three children.

Anna is mom to three children.

Every boring PTA meeting you sat through just to hear them sing one 30 second song at the end of the meeting.

Every committee you ever served on to spend more time with them.

Every time you let them watch a television show (or 2 or 3) just so you could take a shower or make dinner, or spend a few moments having an uninterrupted thought.

Every time you went to the bathroom with a baby on your lap.

Every bottom you wiped.


Chelsea is supermom to 4 children: 2 with her here on Earth and 2 in heaven dancing with the angels.

All the time you spent deciding how to educate them in a way that they would respond to best.

Every minute you spent staring at the door waiting for your child to come home in time for curfew and every second you spent trying to decide whether to beat them or hug them when they are late.

Every cheap (or not so cheap) pool you filled up with a garden hose, only to have to clean up all the blades of grass and dirt out of a few hours later.

Lauren is mom to two children with another one on the way.

Lauren is mom to two children with another one on the way.

The embarrassment you felt when you walked them back into the grocery store with a pocket full of candy they didn’t pay for.

For every night you went to bed with tears in your eyes because you felt like you just could have done better.

And every prayer you prayed, every tear you cried, every tear you wiped, every worry you had, and every twinkle in your eye has made you what you think every other mom is: Supermom.

*every picture in this post is of real supermoms I have the honor of calling friend in real life*