Over the past few years the world of dating has taken a new turn. Online dating has changed how we meet and find love. No longer needing our best friends matchmaking skills, we can now sit in the privacy of our own homes or even offices scrolling through online personals, searching for that ideal woman or man.

It used to be common place, that you’d turn to the back of the paper you were reading and have a flick through the personal ads, women seeking men, men seeking women, and sometimes even women seeking women. Now the Internet can provide us with hundreds of online dating websites and not just for the single out there. You have everything from local singles to local swingers.

With the underground community of swingers ever growing, you’ll always find new sites dedicated to finding couples other singles or couples to “play” with. Many couples and singles put up sex personals in expectation of finding sex. Plus the never ending number of new adult “private parties” where couples and singles alike come to have sex appear weekly! Nowadays this underground community has become more mainstream, with more liberated singles and couples wanting to explore their sexualities.


The debate over whether size truly matters may be as old as time, but there may be scientific data that indicates that a male’s size can affect his reproductive capability.

For instance, men with very small penises have a harder time facilitating female orgasm. Strong contractions of the vagina aid spermatozoa in traveling up the birth canal to fertilize the egg. This means that it may be harder for a man with a very small penis to impregnate his partner, especially if the woman’s internal depth is longer than average.

This may be why men who have a micropenis may have harder time naturally reproducing.

We are socialised to see the ” big cock ” as being more desirable. For solutions to easy female orgams, how to use thrusting vibrator, penis size and penis enlargement check out our home study course and workshops.


That is not to say that sexual intercourse cannot be enjoyed for pure pleasures sake. There is a reason why the innervated and vascularized genital structure is so inundated with sensations. Sex serves several functions for the human animal and for the penis this function is to both cleanse it and keep it in good health. In this way, a man may replicate himself and also enjoy one of the best gifts known to man on adultfriendrfinder — the gift of sexual intimacy. – Alicia

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