Cloth Diaper Consulting

Jumping into the cloth diapering world can be an overwhelming experience for a parent that is new to cloth diapers. Emily has over 9 years combined experience with cloth diapers as both a mother and a former retailer. She is a self-professed cloth diaper addict and has experience with almost every brand on the market from mainstream brands to work at home mom brands. She also has connections with dozens retailers across North America. As a result she is able to provide you with a neutral ground to help you decide what cloth diapering system will work best for you and then connect you with a retailer that carries the products you decide are best for your family.

Emily offers 90 minute consultations with families in person, over the phone, and through video conferencing. Over that 90 minutes Emily will give you an overview of the different cloth diapers and brands, ask you questions about your family to help determine what system will work best for you, connect you with a cloth diaper retailer that will best serve your needs when you are ready to purchase, and answer any and all questions you may have.

Your child is going to be wearing a diaper on their bottom 24 hours a day for at least the first two years of their life! Make sure you are making the right choice for your family so you don’t end up investing money in a diapering system that doesn’t work for you.

$60 for a 90 minute consultation


Emily is also available for booking at large group events. Please contact her for rates and availability. Below are just a few of the topics she has presented in the past, but she would be more than willing to design a topic to fit your group’s individual needs.

Organic Diet on a Conventional Budget

Feeding your family a healthy, organic diet does not have to be expensive. It is an absolute myth that an organic diet is more expensive than a conventional diet. Emily manages to feed her family of five, including four very hungry boys a completely natural and organic diet rich in nutrients for $700 a month (about $140 per person per month) or less. She will teach you how you can do the same for your family by covering a basic range of topics including the history of processed foods, where to shop, how to save, and what to buy.

Healthy Eating from the Start

With obesity on the rise in our country, teaching your children to make wise choices when it comes to food is of utmost importance. Many parents struggle with how to do this with their babies and parents with older children struggle to make the change in their family. Emily is mom to three children that have never been inside a McDonalds or Chuck E Cheese. Their favorite foods include: raspberries, broccoli, okra, and mangos. It is possible and it can be done. Learn how you can teach your children to make wise choices, how to make kid friendly healthy meals both in home and while out to eat, and most importantly make a positive change in your child’s health.

Make Your Own Cleaners Workshop

Conventional cleaners are dangerous and extremely toxic. You can make your own cleaners that are better for your family, clean just as well, and are much less expensive. Emily makes all the cleaners for her home and loves helping others learn to do the same. You will leave this workshop with the following items: a storage tote, a reusable microfiber cleaning towel, scouring cleaner, window cleaner, all purpose spray, furniture polish, mold and mildew cleaner, and recipes to replenish the cleaners as they run out.


To schedule Emily for a class, workshop, or speaking engagement please contact Emily.