My Favorite Homeschooling Resources 2016

This week I had the privilege of giving an inside look to our homeschool day in my Mommy Secrets Insiders page. We spent 3 hours going through a whole lot of information and I promised to share a page with all the resources I mentioned. This list is constantly changing and being added to, so I dated it. I would love for you to share any resources you love in the comments.

Before You Continue

We are part of a Classical Conversations Community that serves as our main curriculum or “spine”. I could rave and rave about CC for an entire post (or 10), but that is for another day. If you have never looked into it I cannot encourage you to do so enough. It has transformed our homeschooling journey and allowed me to homeschool my kiddos with absolute confidence. The following resources simply add to this amazing program we are a part of. We fully embrace the classical model of learning and try to apply it in all areas of learning.

Major Curriculum


Spell to Write and Read

Core Kit comes with everything you will need except for the Learning Logs

The Original McGuffey’s Eclectic Readers (I prefer the originals not the revised editions)

Primer (PreReading – Kindergarten/1st Grade)

First Reader (2nd – 3rd Grade)

Second Reader (4th-6th Grade)

Third Reader  (6th – 8th Grade)

Fourth Reader (Advanced Middle School – High School)


Saxon Math (I prefer to buy my teacher books used on, but the kits linked below are for new)

Saxon 1

Saxon 2

Saxon 3

If you manage to get the teacher manuals on ebay I order my student workbooks from Rainbow Resource Room.

I prefer to order the older books for the upper grade on or other b/s/t sites. This is what the older versions look like:









Here are links to the daily math warm up sheets I use. Grade 1 is free and then Grades 2 and 3 are for a nominal fee. Make sure you save the files after you purchase them because the links do expire.

Grade 1 Warm Up Sheets

Grades 2 and 3 Warm Up Sheets

Additional Resources

  • To access the CC and additional resource correlation chart you must have a CC Connected membership. Log into the file sharing portion of the website and search for Cycle 2 and user “Brandyferrell” the file is called “Cycle2ReadingCorrelation”.
  • For our Map Tracing Notebook I used this link for Blob Maps and this link for the Printable Atlas
  • Read Aloud Revivial for Quality Book Lists
  • for used books at awesome prices
  • Prescripts writing book for additional handwriting and copy work practice




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