A Virtual View Into Our Homeschool Day

I remember my first few years homeschooling, how I was always second guessing myself. I wasn’t sure that I was doing the right thing, I had no idea how to structure my day. There were so many curriculums to choose from. Were my children ever going to be able to read? Was I really capable of teaching them at home? By myself? I had a big beautiful room dedicated to school time and I thought we had to spend hours in there every single day or I was surely failing. My how things have changed.

Thankfully we are now over 6 ¬†years in and I am beginning to see some of the fruits of my labor. Let me be clear, I don’t have all the answers and I don’t pretend to think that it will be smooth sailing. However, I do have some wisdom I would love to share with you to encourage you along the journey.

Virtual View on Thursday

As a Classical Conversations Director I have been asked so many times what each day looks like at home and how to implement certain curriculums. This Thursday night at 7:00 PM MST, I will be sharing just that. I happen to live in a small farming community about 45 minutes from my actual campus. Since it is such a hike for several of my families I decided to do a live stream of the night. I know many of you have been following me on this journey for several years so I thought I would invite you as well. It will be a fun night with real moms with me to ask questions as well as a way for you to ask questions as well.

I will be streaming inside my private Facebook group for my blog called Mommy Secrets Insiders. Simply submit a join request and you will have access to the stream on Thursday.

The Schedule for the Night

I have lots of things to cover, so we may or may not get to all of it. However, here is what I have planned:

  1. Saxon math – I have Saxon 1 – Saxon 6/7 available to see and I will be sharing how I simplify this program to make it more time friendly for multiple young children needing assistance
  2. Spell to Write and Read – This is a curriculum I have heard raves about from the start but I always felt that it was a little intimidating. I finally bought it this year and I was right. It takes quite a bit to fully feel confident. However, thanks to some practice and a few conversations with a trainer I feel pretty confident with it now and will be sharing how to get started. I will also share why I think this curriculum is the best for busy moms with several children of varying abilities and ages.
  3. Foundations/Essentials at home – what does this look like practically? I plan on sharing some of my favorite ways to make reviewing the memory work fun and when/where I fit this into my day. I bet you will be surprised!

That’s it! I look forward to an encouraging evening on Thursday night! Let me know if there is anything specific you would like for me to cover that i haven’t mentioned above!


Emily is a mom on a mission. A mission to help other moms discover that the secrets to motherhood can be found within themselves. She is a speaker, writer, and teacher on healthy living, natural parenting, and most recently, homeschooling. She loves reading, writing, knitting, and is trying to turn her brown thumb, green while raising her brood of boys out West.

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